The Platform

The Twelve40 platform has been developed with significant investment in research, design, usability and build. The technology we used and continue to use is the at the forefront of the gaming industry.

Our platform is scalable for white label partners, can be bespoke, and delivers a lottery and instant win gaming solution at a low cost and unrivalled speed to market. We ensure that 3rd party software integrations are simple and smooth and that the platform is compatible with all payment providers.

The platform features the latest instant win gaming content from a carefully chosen range of market leading providers. You can pick and choose your games, enabling access to the most relevant gaming fun in your market.

Our platform supports desktop and mobile gaming, leading and supporting the start of transition from physical and legacy systems to online. All content is built in HTML5, allowing games to be developed and deployed across all smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs with internet access.

The platform provides management functionalities that enable you to take ownership of your product with a sophisticated yet concise admin system. This system allows you to:

  • • support your users
  • • monitor game play
  • • track sales
  • • track player payment activity.

The Twelve40 Lottery platform is purpose built to ensure there are no barriers to expansion capabilities or scalability. Our Microservice architecture uses a proprietary secure payload system and delivers flexibility in an extremely secure environment.

Multiple layers of encryption with all messages cryptographically signed and authenticated in transit.

Our database is designed with anti-tamper technology and record field level encryption; advanced API technology makes it easy for developers to integrate. The platform is designed to be language and data store agnostic, thereby future proofing the design from the outset. We provide fraud detection using adaptive heuristics and advanced player and virtual wallet integration enables limitless integration options.

We are constantly further educating ourselves to stay at the top of our game to ensure our platform is the best as well as identifying and prioritising key areas for further architecture development that can benefit our clients and their players.

White Label Solutions

A White Label solution is a cost effective and simple way to penetrate the lottery market without the necessary prerequisites for your own platform or technical resources.

In addition, a White Label solution can also remove the need for your own regulatory license and payment providers. This enables you to fully focus on your brand and marketing your new products to your players. You can be transferred to your own license at any time.


A raffle offers guaranteed player prizes on your platform. They can run directly alongside a lottery or as a stand-alone product. Raffles can host separate draw dates, timings and prizes to that of a traditional lottery.

The Player Account

The player account enables players to take complete control of their game play and monitor their transactions online. They can easily top up their accounts through trusted payment providers, request withdrawals and log customer queries. It is a one-stop-shop for players providing a seamless experience.

Lottery Betting

Lottery betting enables your players to participate in high-value lotteries in other jurisdictions, while still upholding local regulations for all parties. Speak to us to find out more.