The Company

Our Vision

Vision: To empower you with innovative lottery and gaming entertainment.

Mission: To expand our global distribution network for lotteries, enabling the delivery of the most dynamic, robust, secure and scalable lottery platform.

Values: We have integrity in the lottery and games we offer, and the ways in which we conduct business are fair, honest and trustworthy.

The Company

Everything we do is done with consideration of its impact on and for the communities we serve.

We respect and value our players, service partners, clients and each other. We take pride in our efforts and our work, as well as the contributions our business makes to good causes globally.

Twelve40 marries over 20 years of specialist development build and 15 years’ industry specific experience with a long-standing knowledge of the global lottery and instant win games market.

We have taken these skills and empathetic understanding to create a brand new, state of the art platform that hosts bespoke lotteries and instant win game content. We know what you need to take a legacy system online.

We have drawn, and continue to draw, on the knowledge and technology use of our staff and the millennials around us to create a system that appeals to the next generation who demand both more skill and entertainment in their play. We are leading the way by combining the latest disruptive technologies with consumer-led innovation.

Twelve40 counts multi-linguals, statisticians and well-travelled persons within the company, and values the breath of skills and knowledge they share with us. Innovation requires not only the passion, drive and commitment we see in our colleagues every day, but life experiences that sit outside of the workplace.

The Directors

Andy Jarrett – CEO, C DIR, Beng(Hons)

Andy Jarrett – CEO, C DIR, Beng(Hons)

Andy is an experienced and qualified director used to working in highly competitive marketing with a strong, entrepreneurial approach to acquiring new business. He has a proven track record in developing, implementing and refining strategic business plans. Andy was previously a Director of Digital Jersey, responsible for establishing Jersey as a leading centre for technology innovation. HE cofounded Foreshore, to become the leading ecommerce provider in the offshore international market sector. / Twitter / Linkedin

Nigel Renouf – BDD

Nigel Renouf – BDD

Nigel is a Business Development Director with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the eGaming market developed over the past ten years.  He specialises in the area of Lottery and Instant Win games, cultivating existing partnerships with operators and industry executives and delivering innovative technology solutions globally. / TwitterLinkedin

Jason Stratford – CTO

Jason Stratford – CTO

Jason is a Co-Founder of Twelve40. He is an expert software and systems architect with over 20 years experience delivering state of the art solutions to organisations worldwide. Jason specialises in the area of internet service provider systems, messaging platforms and payment systems. One payment system platform in particular was ultimately acquired by a major retail bank. / Twitter / Linkedin


Licenses / Regulation

Twelve40 Group holds a Remote Gambling Operators Licence and a B2B Platform Provider Permit.

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy (the “Policy”) sets out the rules which apply when the Client uses any service (a “Twelve40 Service”) provided by Twelve40. Read our policy here.